Special wine treasures of Slovenia

12 Days / 11 Nights

Wine stories between Alps and Adriatic

Day 1

Arrival to Venice and short Venice tour

Meeting Point Venice Airport
Today your guide will welcome you with a sign on a board at the Venice Airport and your new adventure will begin.
First you will experience the beauty and the glory of Venice. Through the famous landmarks, discover the secrets of the city built on swamps and how it became one of the most enlightened cities of the western world. As you stroll around Venice, you will get pass the most significant buildings and monuments, admire singing gondoliers, exotic architecture and mysterious canals.
Discover the secrets on how a city built on swamps became one of the most enlightened cities of the western world. See the famous landmarks of San Marco Square, learn the legends of Casanova and Marco Polo, the paintings by great Venetian masters, sculptures and Rialto Bridge. Take free time to set off on your own Venetian adventure, exploring tucked-away medieval streets before we will overnight in one of many Venice hotels.
Included activities and/or entrance fees:
  • Transfer from Venice Airport to Piazzale Roma, Venice
  • Guided tour around Venice (depending on arrivals)
  • Good to know: Moderate walking so please bring your comfortable shoes and clothes
Day 2

Goriska Brda wine region "Slovenian Tuscany" with coast region

Meeting Point Venice
Breakfast in hotel (included).
Slovenia has long been below the radar of wine connoisseurs across the world. Thanks to acclaimed wine writers, the wine world today knows Slovenia as one of the smallest but most diverse wine regions in the world. There’s only 21.000 hectares of vineyards but 30.000 grape producers and a wine growing history that dates back before the Romans! The Royal British wine authority Jancis Robinson labelled Slovenia as the country with possibly the most unusual wine culture in the world, certainly in Europe.
Here you will relax a little bit after some drive. Enjoy the sights, tranquil setting, tastes, and access to the country’s best winemakers in “Slovenian Tuscany” - Goriska Brda (Gorizia’s hills) wine region. This area produces Slovenia’s finest wines and we will enjoy wine tasting in vineyard and with one of the best winemakers in Goriska Brda.
After the tasting we will continue to Kobarid. The town of Kobarid played an important role during the WW1 period, that even the great Ernest Hemingway wrote about in his novel Farewell to Arms. Here we will stop and knock on the door of Hisa Franko, which is a newcomer to the list of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World (50 Best), but her legacy is more than half a century old when Valter's father Franko still served his famous Frank rostbiff at the inn. Chef in this house is Ana Ros - The World's Best Female Chef 2017!
After tasting all the fine cousin that Hisa Franko has to offer we will return to Slovenian coast where we will overnight.
Included activities and/or entrance fees:
  • Tasting at a local winery
  • Vine-paired lunch at Hisa Franko
  • Good to know: In case if you have any allergies, please inform us about them!
Day 3

Slovenian Coast

Meeting Point: Portoroz hotel
After the breakfast (included) we will first take a walk around everyone`s favourite spot on the Slovenian coast - Piran. We will get lost in its medieval narrow streets and houses, enjoy some free time over a cup of coffee/tea in one of his many local cafes.
Here you will be picked up with some special oldtimer cars and your Vintage Gourmet Tour is going to begin. The tour is an educational journey through the tracks of old autochthonous varieties of olives, which grow on the most beautiful viewing points of the Slovenian coast and the Istrian countryside. The smell of gasoline, loud motors and nostalgic memories of the old times draw wide smiles on the faces of those waiting.
Slowly and cheerfully we begin our trip, where we visit the most beautiful locations of the Slovenian coast. At the sightseeing point in the middle of the path we stop and with a glass of house sparkling wine we chat. Then we continue our journey to the olive oil estate, where we will learn how to taste olive oil. There you will be served with typical Istrian lunch, of course according to the recipe of our grandmothers.
We will continue our way to one of the most stunning view points of Goriska Brda and perfect to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine combined with food that was prepared for each special taste of the wine. Enjoy the stunning views from the winery where you will have a vine-paired tasting and discover the hidden wine cellar.
After the tasting we will continue to Ljubljana where you will do your check-inn and overnight. The rest of the day will be free to relax after a long day.
Included activities and/or entrance fees:
Piran city wall
Gourmet tour with oldtimers through olive trees and vineyards tasting of best olive oils with lunch
Vine-paired tasting at one of the best sparkling winemakers
Day 4

Alpine Jewel of Bled

Meeting Point Ljubljana Hotel
Breakfast at your hotel (included).
Today you will discover Slovenia's most spectacular natural sites the famous Alpine jewels of Bled and Vintgar Gorge.
From Ljubljana to the Alpine region below the Julian Alps we reach Bled, the magnificent Alpine resort. First on the list will be the impressive Vintgar Gorge, one of the most stunning natural canyons, where a wooden path takes you along the rushing Radovna River, through the picturesque gorge and ends with the 26-metre-high waterfall Sum. After that we will take a private boat ride with ‘Pletna’ traditional boat made by locals and reach the only true island in Slovenia. Here we will ring a wish bell and you never know, maybe someone's wish will get true already by the end of the day.
We will continue and ascend the old Bled castle perched on top of a steep cliff above the glacial Lake Bled. The castle terraces offer spectacular views of the lake and its tiny island in the middle. Here we will as well take some time for a good lunch.
From the Castle we will take a carriage ride around Bled and we will definitely not forget to taste the famous Bled cream cake and drink a cup of coffee/tea in Tito's cafeteria.
Return back to Ljubljana where you will have some time to relax after a long day.
Included activities and/or entrance fees:
  • Vintgar Gorge
  • Bled Castle with lunch
  • Private Pletna boat ride with musicion
  • Church of Assumption
  • Carriage ride
Good to know:
  • Moderate amount of walking so please wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Some stairs to climb to Bled Castle and on Bled Island
Day 5

Ljubljana with Private Boat ride on Ljubljanica river and Top Ljubljana Foods private tour

Meeting Point Ljubljana Hotel
Breakfast at your hotel (included).
Today you will meet your guide at your hotel. Your first stop will be at Ljubljanica river where you will at take a private wooden boat ride to see Ljubljana from another perspective. It lasts 45 minutes. First, we head towards Spica where Ljubljanica splits into two, offering a view into nature. We turn back at Livada. On the way, you can enjoy the view of Ljubljana Castle, some of the embassies and newly renewed river-banks. As we approach the old town, you have a magnificent view of the Cobblers’ Bridge, Franciscan church, Tromostovje or the Triple Bridge, the Market, and charming baroque houses. You get a special view of new bridges such as Butchers’ Bridge or Grain Bridge. We turn again at the famous Dragon Bridge and finish the boat ride.
Then you will take a walk on the tasty side of Ljubljana and wander the streets and squares with stops to grab delicious bites. Learn about story of Ljubljana, the people, its architecture, the history of Slovenians while enjoying local dishes.
The Top Ljubljana Foods tour will take you through the old Ljubljana town. During a 3-4 hour guided, slowly paced walk you will learn about the city and its most significant attractions while tasting local and national gastronomy. Top Ljubljana Foods is definitely not your usual city tour.
Few traditional dishes from various Slovenian regions accompanied by some sorts of wine, while learning about the historical Ljubljana center and Slovenia in general. With your tummy full and armed with knowledge of local traditions, cuisine and history, you will definitely know where to go next and where to eat next. “Dober tek!”
After the tour we will continue to Ljubljana Castle where we will discover Ljubljana as well from above.
Rest of the day time for shopping, relaxation or simply discovering Slovenia on your own.
Included activities and/or entrance fees:
Tastings of food and drinks on the tour (instead of lunch)
Boat ride
Ljubljana Castle ticket with funicular
Good to know:
  • If you have any food allergies, please inform us about it
  • Moderate walking, so please wear comfortable shoes and clothes

Day 6

Karst region and either Vipava Valley or Slovenian coast region

Meeting Point Ljubljana Hotel
Breakfast at the hotel (included).
After we will craft our plan together over a cup of coffee we will start a day with a private tour to Postojna Cave and Castle visit.
You will meet with your guide at the hotel lobby and first drive to Postojna Cave. There you will discover underground world of Postojna Cave, most popular karst cave in the world on a totally private tour with a champagne inside and of course some music playing making everything even more special. Guided tour will consist of a ride by electrical train and followed by a walk through beautiful passages and chambers with spectacular drop stones, pillars, limestone curtains and other unforgettable forms.
We will continue to idyllic village of Predjama where you will be amazed by our fairy tale medieval Predjama castle with dramatic setting in the gaping mouth of a cavern halfway up a hillside. Learn about the legend of Erasmus ‘Slovenian Robin Hood’.
After visiting both attractions we will stop at a local farm where we will take together all the impressions over a good authentic local food lunch.
Our last stop of the day will be at either Vipava Valley or at Slovenian coast at one of the best winemakers where we will of course enjoy in tasting some orange wines. Finish the day will be at Croatian Istria, where we will overnight.
Included activities and/or entrance fees:
  • Private Postojna Cave visit with a glass of champagne and music
  • Predjama Castle visit
  • Lunch at a local farm
  • Tasting of orange wines
Day 7

Croatian Istria with truffle hunting

Meeting Point: Croatian Istria Hotel
Today you will first have a relaxing morning and breakfast (included) and after that we will say goodbye to Slovenia and continue to Croatia.
At agreed time you will meet up with your guide and you will have your day dedicated to Croatian part of Istria. You will discover towns of Groznjan, Motovun, Rovinj and have additional Truffle hunting experience in small town called Buzet.
First on the list we will explore the towns of Groznjan and Motovun, two very well hidden gems of the Istrian region, bringing history and folk traditions of small narrow streets where locals still live as they used to back in the past. Of course we will taste some local wines here as well.
After the tasting we will continue to Buzet where we will take a part at Truffle hunt. The hunt is unique, it requires patience and dedication, as well as a great love of this subterranean mushroom. The specific scent that comes from damp soil, mostly in oak woods, is impossible to discern for human senses, but a trained dog’s sense of smell will feel it and find the truffle. By rapidly moving its paws, the dog points to the area where it has found a truffle, showing its owner the spot where this underground treasure can be unearthed.
After the truffle hunt we will of course see what we have hunted down, prepare a meal made by a special recipe and take a bite at what we will prepare. Do not worry, locals will help us!
After last stop of the day will be Rovinj - Rovinj is on the western coast of Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula. The local population lives mainly from tourism, fishing, agriculture, vine growing and wine production. They are proud of the rich natural and cultural sights such as the old town, the luxurious Golden Cape Park Forest, the protected islands and the coastline area. Rovinj has many loyal guests coming from all over the world and has developed into a popular tourist destination with a warm and moderately dry climate. There are 134 sunny days in the year, making Rovinj the third sunniest place and also the place with the least clouds on the Adriatic.
We will as well overnight at one of the hotels in Croatian Istria.
Included activities and/or entrance fees:
Wine tasting in Groznjan/Motovun
Truffle hunting experience
Good to know:
Moderate walking, so wear comfortable shoes and clothes

Day 8

Plitvice Lakes and Rastoke

Meeting Point: Croatian Istria
Today after the breakfast at the hotel (included) we will say goodbye to Croatian Istria and continue to the capital of Croatian Dalmatia - Split. On the way we will stop in Plitvice and Rastoke.
First we will stop in Rastoke for a walk and a good lunch. A watermill village situated where the blue-green water of river Slunjcica flows into the Korana river. Most of the houses were built at the end of the 19th and the beginning o­f the 20th century. Because of its extraordinary natural beauties and historical tradition, in 1962 Rastoke village fell under the protection of the State Directorate for cultural and historical heritage. Many ancient civilizations, as well as contemporary urban environments whitness that the water has always attracted people to come to its banks and settle there.
For thousands of years, the water of Korana and Slunjcica, and their flora and fauna, fought the laws of nature, and as a result of this struggle in the limestone plateau, a remarkable canyon was carved in for us to take pleasure in. Seeing this natural phenomenon, this 'poured off' ('rastocen') terrain, a place where the water of river Slunjcica pour off in several backwaters, leaving behind small elevations which then form watercourses and waterfalls, people built a village and named it RASTOKE. Here, they found everything they needed and stayed here, forever bound with nature.
After visiting Rastoke and having a good lunch we will continue and discover one of the oldest and largest national parks in Croatia. The unity and harmony of the 16 lakes here and their rare natural and cultural value is not only famous throughoutCroatia, but also worldwide; earning this remarkable national park a coveted place onUNESCO's list of World Heritage sites. Arriving at Plitvice, you'll walk through these ancient woodlands. The path takes us first acrossGornja Jezera (Upper Lakes), a system of 12 lakes separated by travertine barriers.
Wherever you are in Plitvice, it is easy to see why its travertine marble formations are such an extraordinary natural phenomenon. The barriers, sills and other forms created in these lakes, the karst rivers and streams are still an ongoing process that shapes the wonderful landscapes. It is these same travertine formations that have and are still creating thenumerous magnificent waterfalls here.
We will finish in Split, where you will have some time to relax after a long day.
Included activities and/or entrance fees:
  • Plitvice National Park
  • Rastoke
Good to know:
Moderate amount of walking so wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
Day 9

Exploring Dalmatia

Meeting Point: Split Hotel
After a relaxing morning and a good breakfast (included) we will take a city tour of Split, the second largest Croatian city, situated on the Adriatic coast. The historical center boasts with beautiful monuments: the Diocletian’s Palace (UNESCO), the Cathedral, the medieval fortifications, the Gothic palaces and many more.
Immerse yourself into the story of this more than 1700 years old town, founded by a Roman emperor Diocletian who chose this beautiful setting for his retirement residence. Let the story of who he was and why he loved Dalmatia fascinate you but also discover why Split citizens were embaressed of him for centuries, along with many other interesting facts that make this unique town’s history so full of irony.With a highly knowledgeable, kind and friendly local professional guide during an 1,5 hour walking tour, you will discover its history, culture, local customs and most important attractions. The central part of the city of Split is a whirl of narrow stone streets, ancient monuments and medieval buildings. The main monument is a palace, the core upon which the city grew. Well preserved until today, remains of ancient buildings, along with late medieval extensions are valuable archaeological and historical-artistic complex which are on UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 1979.
What makes Diocletian’s palace so special is the fact that it has always been inhabited! Even today, there are people living within the walls of the palace making it an unique tourist attraction with lots of restaurants, museums and shops. Many details about those, including perfect photo spots, will be revealed by a local guide in this journey to the past.
From Split we will go on a tour to a closest town named Sibenik where we will take our time and visit an Ethno Village. Here you will be welcomed by a village family member and you will enjoy in a powerful and entertaining cultural performance. Here we will enjoy in famous Drnis 'prsut' (smoked ham) tasting and superb local wine tasting. You will have a chance to learn how amazing family style 'peka' meal is made and so much more. Of course we will as well enjoy in one great family style 'peka' lunch.
Return back to Split where you will have some time for shopping and relaxation.
Included activities and/or entrance fees:
  • Local guide in Split
  • Diocletian's Palace
  • Ethno village experience
Day 10

Split - Ston - Dubrovnik

Meeting Point: Split Hotel
After a breakfast (included) a morning departure form Split to Ston and Mali Ston. A small town on the shores of the Adriatic, built in the 14th Century. The city is surrounded by a 12-km long city wall, which is the second longest wall in the World. It was built for protection of the famous Ston salt plants. The oldest salt plants in Europe are still in use and its production technology have remained unchanged for centuries. The town is also known by oyster farming tradition and we will experience exactly that.
We will take you on the excursion you will never forget. An excursion that will relax your body and pull out a smile on your face. It will be a an adventure of the flavors and discovery of the taste you probably never taste before. With a boat we will discover a oysters and mussel farm, have a presentation of both and of course taste everything.
We will continue to second longest peninsula in Croatia Peljesac, known for its top quality red wines (Dingac, Postup). We will enjoy an area where vineyards stretch through the steep slopes from the Adriatic Sea to the sky. See, smell, feel, taste and get to know Peljesac wines and their history. Of course a tasting is obligatory in this area.
Last stop of the day will be Dubrovnik - where you will have some free time to explore the city and relax after a long day.
Included activities and/or entrance fees:
Ston walls
Boat excursion, visiting oysters and mussel farm, presentation of oysters and mussels, cultivation process, tasting oysters and wine and stewed mussels - enjoy a view on Mali Ston from the boat Wine tasting with some food at Peljesac
Good to know:
If you are allergic on any kind of a food or you do simply not like something, please just inform us about it!
Day 11


Meeting Point: Dubrovnik Hotel
After the beakfast in hotel (included) the day will be dedicated to the most breath-taking and at the moment most notorious Adriatic city, included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list Dubrovnik. We will take a walk around the ancient city, full of architectural and cultural masterpieces, surrounded by magnificent walls and fortresses.
Starting with a walking tour of Dubrovnik Old Town and ending with a stroll around its City Walls, this guided visit of Dubrovnik leaves no stone unturned.
The medieval walled town of Dubrovnik was built to be shut down for an extended period of time in case of an attack or an epidemic. In order to survive if the need arose, very early on Dubrovnik had a sewer, running water, a pharmacy, granary and other epitomes of advanced civilizations. After meeting your guide you will explore this UNESCO World heritage site before climbing the city walls. An unparalleled vantage point, the walls deliver a unique perspective onto the treasures so worth protecting.
We will continue our way a bit outside of the city center and couple an unusual scenery of Srđ plateau with bits of adventure, dirt and laughter, the buggy safari delivers an experience like no other in Dubrovnik.
With its 400 meters height, the top of Srđ hill delivers bird’s-eye views of Dubrovnik spread out beneath and the Elaphite Islands floating serenely in the distance. On this spectacular backdrop, you will drive around the plateau in buggies, open-air, all-terrain vehicles. We’ll bring you to the top of the hill to meet your buggy guide, who will first and foremost instruct you on everything you need to know to enjoy this hour of unparalleled fun. Following, expect encounters with some domestic animals like donkeys or cows. Also expect to be faster than them, yet all within boundaries of safety and comfort. You will enjoy in an exclusive wine and food tasting above the Dubrovnik and to top it all off, you will ride the cable car back into the Old Town.
Rest of the day free to explore the city on your own, shop or relaxation.
Included activities and/or entrance fees:
  • City tour with a local guide
  • City wall entrance fee
  • Buggy ride with cable car back to the Old Town
  • Wine and food tasting
Good to know:
Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes on this day!
Day 12

Return back home

Meeting Point: Dubrovnik Hotel
Breakfast at the hotel (included).
Transfer from your hotel in Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik Airport at agreed time. Here we will as well finish the tour and we are sure you will take some great memories with you. Hope you will enjoy it and that we will see each other again! 'Nasvidenje!' (Goodbye)
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