Wine Lovers Travel partners with boutique wineries like yours, to provide them with a turnkey/risk-free intimate group travel experience to increase direct wine sales by growing customer loyalty and brand affinity. We custom tailor our travel experiences to provide each winery with its own original trip, designed to enhance its branding and travel preferences.
We partner with the best and most authentic river, yacht and ocean cruise lines as well as destination specialists to take your wine club to the world’s most renowned wine regions. We have local relationships with wineries and other venues in the wine regions we visit, giving our groups access to places and experiences they would be highly unlikely to get on their own.
That all sounds great, but what are the business and financial benefits of hosting wine club travel with Wine Lovers Travel?
  1. Increased exposure to your winery and wine club. As travel is inherently sharable, wineries report that they are acquire new clients and potential wine club members as travelers are sharing constantly throughout the journey
  2. Retention of wine club members because of increased affinity to your brand gained by traveling with “their” winery host
  3. More touch points to membership and database which has been proven to increase wine sales
  4. We can ship your wines to the destination so it can be poured during wine paired dinners and tasting seminars
  5. Free travel for tour host and guest
  6. Full operational and marketing support to promote and book your travelers, freeing you to do what you do best, produce and sell wine.

What makes Wine Lovers Travel your best wine club travel partner?

We are uniquely qualified to provide you with the most successful travel experiences because we are WSET-certified wine experts with extensive marketing expertise in addition to being travel experts. Our goal is to provide such an amazing experience that your winery will make a Wine Lovers Travel trip a permanent part of your events program year after year.


We deploy a multi-touch marketing playbook for every trip, including the following:
  • Supplied Co-Branded printed flyers for you to insert in your wine club and online shipments, as well as to be available in your tasting room.
  • Your own dedicated microsite you can attach to your existing website
  • Content for your website “Events Page”
  • Digital content you can use in your newsletters and social media
  • Onsite presentations and attendance at your wine club events
  • Additional marketing to our database of past travelers
  • Promotional support of every trip on our own social media accounts

Full travel agency services including:

Air, Insurance, Land and Cruise booking support